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Gilbert, AZ, USA
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Up For Sale is a Brand New 8/8 Mike Martinez Straight Razor that was purchased direct from Mike. This Razor has never been shaved with and is in mint condition. This is  a 8/8 Near Wedge Smiling Barber’s Notch. This Blade features an acid etch and Hamon. The Scales are tapered G10 with an Ivory Wedge, NS pins, and Stainless Washers and Collars. I paid $450 for this Razor and am selling it for $300 Shipped CONUS and PayPal only. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like more pics. Thanks for looking!
[Image: bK1R2gE.jpg][Image: fDOIC5I.jpg][Image: G7G1qGb.jpg][Image: VgvfHsY.jpg][Image: w02nOkT.jpg][Image: oekW2uU.jpg][Image: vHjQTsX.jpg]

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Gilbert, AZ, USA
Some updated pics with hopefully better lighting to better see the Acid Etch and Hamon-
[Image: PwF9PNy.jpg][Image: 7N44OCQ.jpg][Image: WsTFFCf.jpg][Image: OzM2CW9.jpg][Image: 6bQv7iz.jpg]

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How is this still here??!! This is an awesome deal and Hunter is one of the very best in the community!

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Cool looking beast.

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Gilbert, AZ, USA
Razor has been Traded, Please Archive. Thank You DFS and Member!

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