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I really need to trim down my brush collection so I’m offering these up for a very good price. All prices include shipping CONUS
First on left is a Subtle Woods Ebony Handle Boar Brush that is just starting to break in MSRP $49.25 will sell for $20
Next is a 30mm Synthetic Deranged Donkey brush I got from WCS MSRP I believe was $145 will sell for $70
Next is a Brad Sears custom 2 tone brush 28mm Select Badger with very soft tips. I paid $140 for it  from a member of these Shaving forums will Sell for $80 SOLD
Brush on right is a St James of London Large Lavender Silvertip Badger that I bought NOS from WCS it is a Lee Sabini ( ROONEY) Hand tied 26 mm knot that is super soft MSRP $170 will sell for $125 SOLD
All of these brushes have minimal use and are rotated with my 20 plus brushes They all are stored on my shelf and are well cared for. Pm if you have any questions Take remaining 2 brushes for $75 shipped CONUS
[Image: 9yrubqO.jpg][Image: 9Gf9JYT.jpg][Image: yH5U3HS.jpg]

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Brad Sears brush sold pending payment
Brad Sears brush sold. Thank You
Take remaining 3 brushes for $185 shipped CONUS
Beautiful brushes!
St James of London brush sold Thank You

I like big knots 'n I cannot lie!
San Antonio, TX
So mad I missed that Brad Sears!!!

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