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This presents as new. Only used twice. An elite razor in all categories but just not for me. This razor is the epitome of mid aggressive but efficient. Low serial number on this one. They started at 2250. Comes with all the original packaging and 4 personna blades. Asking 250.00 USD shipped to Canada and the US.  

[Image: a9f68476f5104b169aa73c9ba84c0a84.jpg]

[Image: 2b1b960c6c0485a3047e8f0d36722976.jpg]
[Image: 040326902133166642fe99e51010be79.jpg]
[Image: 715e5690d2f127ce1e1c63cab3e978d3.jpg]
[Image: 5c248204e1aa25edd9ad9d5d877a79ea.jpg]

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