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Blackland Sabre with both the L1 and the L2 plates plus 100 GEM PTFE blades - $215 $200 (price includes PP fee and shipping CONUS)  SOLD!

     NOTE:  there is a small ding on the L2 plate which does not affect the shave.  Also, I believe I have the box for the razor but I can't guarantee

Blackland Dart with box:  $80 $75 (price includes PP fee and shipping CONUS)

[Image: EYkdzEI.jpg]

[Image: PS5GgKg.jpg]

[Image: tRB7i1R.jpg]

[Image: DV6uIdz.jpg]

[Image: CcFll83.jpg]

[Image: e1w6mwL.jpg]

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Price drop on the Sabre/2 plates/100 blades - $200

Price drop on the Dart - $75

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The Sabre is Sold but the blades are still available. Will sell the 100 GEM PTFE blades for $25 shipped. Also, the Dart is still available

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