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For Sale:
Blackland machined finish Blackbird Razor with OC plate (newer production razor from a few months ago). This one does not come with the box, only the razor. New razor is $185. I am asking $130 shipped. I am the original owner of the razor.
The SB plate is not included.

Will consider trading for or towards another DE razor.

For Sale: SOLD
Like New machined finish Blackland Sabre Level 2 (without box) and MMOC along with (3) sealed boxes of 100 GEM razor blades. The Sabre retails for $185. I think I paid $25 for the MMOC. I am asking $200 shipped for both razors and the blades. I am the original owner of the Sabre.

Email me for better pictures.

[Image: MKhM3CZ.jpg]
Nice deals on some great shavers. Good luck!
Updated pricing
Updated price with items sold
Price drop

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