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Looking to trade my 25mm black eagle one year anniversary brush for a 28mm ht1. Will pay difference with cash. Not willing to sell, unless it's a ridiculous amount of money. Anyone have one that's too big for them or just don't want it, send a message. Would possibly consider trading towards a badass custom straight razor, like a specher, ali's blade,koraat, osiris,etc.[Image: QIzE0rW.jpg][Image: KqoAJ4A.jpg][Image: blLDMHa.jpg]

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Not sure what this would sell for but I would be interested. I haven’t purchased a brush for awhile and would love to try one of these Black Eagle brushes.
If you have a price in mind please shoot me a

Really just trying to trade.
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Beautiful Brush. Smile
Thank you
Updated to include possibly trading towards a custom straight razor. Read post.
Last shot before I close the post.
Just in case... Not a custom, but a beautifully restored W&B by Max Sprecher.

[Image: xcv74fh.jpg]

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