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This specimen was used well before I bought it and had it re-plated. That said it is not perfect but a beautiful razor. Some markings noticeable thru plating but only by the user. Tried to get good enough photos to be representative of the beauty of the razor while it's not perfect. Probably seen the 2-3 times in my SOTD pics I used it since replating or other SOTD pics before replating. Re-plated by Back Roads Gold. Hard to find, VERY rare selling to Continental US shipped for $160 which includes Paypal fees.
[Image: Jbl0Js3.jpg]
[Image: lmp0etS.jpg]
[Image: KFlmw5o.jpg]
[Image: VRhC7UT.jpg]
[Image: 9mB23QL.jpg]

Next up is a Berkley Shave Selector 3 piece Razor and another RARE bird. Looked like it was never used when I acquired it and I used it twice. Not something that comes up often in this family of razors. Notice the arrow on the handle and the x's and o's on the bottom of the base plate for selection and the extra thin plate on the top of the baseplate that acts as the tension mechanism. Ingenius design. Looking for $120 $100 $95 which includes Continental US shipping and Paypal fees. Final price drop
[Image: 67dJNpI.jpg]
[Image: 0BAN7aA.jpg]
[Image: NAenJbG.jpg]
[Image: frPAh9T.jpg]
[Image: prY7NGu.jpg]

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Williamsburg, KY
Open to reasonable offers on these 2 with the emphasis on reasonable considering their rarity. Thanks, Dave

Williamsburg, KY
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Krect Slant is - SOLD

The Berkley Shave Selector is still available.

Info on these can be read on DFS here

Williamsburg, KY
Bump and price lowered to $100 Shipped in the US

Williamsburg, KY
2nd and FINAL price drop. If it doesn't sell in the next few days, I'll close the thread. Thanks DFS !!

Williamsburg, KY
Berkeley is Withdrawn

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