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Hey folks!

Now that feedback has been trickling in from the C2  Pomade buyers, I am confident and beyond excited to bring you BrewCity Grooming's next pomade collab with the unrivaled B&M.

This will be in their ever-popular Seville (barbershop) scent, with some minor tweaks to the Oil-Base pomade formula to slightly increase hold without making it waxy. The end result being a product with a medium-firm hold and a medium shine. You will also find this formula to have extra conditioning properties for your hair; due to increased levels of Lanolin, along with Avocado and roasted Walnut Oils.

Packaging will continue to be in our 4oz heavy glass jars with lid and additional inner seal to ensure all that greatness stays fresh from one scoop to the next.

Turnaround time is projected to be at least half the time of the first (C2) release. All ingredients and packaging materials are on-site with the exception of fragrance and labels, those can only be ordered after a final tally of jars sold. Can't have leftover bits and pieces of this Limited Edition run!

Price on this collab (and all future BCG offerings) has also begun to DECREASE!! This batch will be available, with 1st class shipping costs included, for $26.75 each! For orders containing 3 or more jars, cost per jar after the 2nd goes down again to $23.

Although 1st class (tracked) CONUS shipping IS included, if you would like to upgrade to a priority box you will be given a $3.50 shipping credit towards the actual cost of that option.

I cant thank you all enough for your support, without you this dream could never have gotten off the ground!

Please comment below and reach out to me in a message to exchange order info!

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