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For sale is a ATT razor with a custom Marley Machine Works handle. The handle is 13.5 x90 and nicely matches the razor finish.  Everything looks as new. I’ve had it for a couple of years but SE razors are really not for me so it has not seen much use. I’ll include an unopened Kai Pink and also a Kai Captain razor cartridges. $130 for all of it, shipped in the US.
[Image: b96db6b0c88a9b6a8ea20177cceab09b.jpg][Image: d425d5edf7b23de10607ba06931c9f95.jpg][Image: d1545967edaf6a0a0fd147f39b77e52d.jpg][Image: 49d450dfae3dd799397457df4f100d74.jpg]

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this is an amazing razor. i love the handle. good luck with the sale!
This is a terrific deal, and my favorite SE razor. GLWTS.

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