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Tanifuji Maxfli- 13/16" No need for introductions. In mint condition these typically go for around $190-200. Shave ready to my standards. Take this one for $135 SOLD

Tanifuji 935- 13/16"- Another great Japanese blade. Has a small crack in the scales. Does not affect the razor. The scale feel tight and not loose around the crack. Not sure if the crack went all the way through. Shave ready to my standards. $90 now $80

Ba'Ba Swedish Steel- 13/16". Shave ready to my standards- $90 now $80

Jaguar- 13/16" Beautiful blade. No issues. Shave ready to my standards. $130 now $120

CONUS shipping only. Prices include shipping

[Image: ZWybJKW.jpg]

[Image: 3OQPVFk.jpg]

[Image: 5gc3dru.jpg]

[Image: kMjoP0i.jpg]

[Image: VIpOXXm.jpg]

[Image: O08PTyM.jpg]

[Image: dxMqQDd.jpg]

[Image: RhRYqyb.jpg]

[Image: mw76iWF.jpg]

[Image: 0Cmw6C3.jpg]

[Image: vJEXAsX.jpg]

[Image: 7gtB3ps.jpg?1]

[Image: swyVYox.jpg]

[Image: NBIx6Ji.jpg]

[Image: 5tvUkUo.jpg]

[Image: Gz9tFii.jpg]

[Image: W8iSodk.jpg]-
Bump with price drops.

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