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I have the following ATT Razors razors listed below that I am clearing out. It is time for them to go to a new home where they will be loved and used. I will also be throwing in 10 blades for each purchase.

As usual, all prices include shipping and fees within the US. I will ship overseas, but please understand that it costs approximately $20-25 to ship to Europe and to Western Pacific rim countries via USPS. I usually end up losing in that deal...but, will try to work with you if it is at all possible.

I will only consider trade offers for a Wolfman WR1 Ti in .86 blade gap or Varlet Low Light Variants (other than the K2).  I can add $$ where necessary.

1) ATT SE1 - $125 - Now $115. - Traded
[Image: IF0U75n.jpg]
[Image: Ug6Rlfy.jpg]
[Image: hcWZ3dm.jpg]

2) ATT Windsor CR1 (Medium Aggressive) w/ stand (Tellurium Copper 145) - $215 Now $200 - Traded
[Image: f7BNeBY.jpg]
[Image: RLWc0xI.jpg]
[Image: wtX1C1n.jpg]
[Image: jlsQLZ2.jpg]

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