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[Image: cxPsTBK.jpg]I hate to sell these but I just have to have some space for a few other things I have recently received. These brushes are part of a very large brush rotation and have only been used a couple of times.

If you want to see additional photos of the brushes, send me a message. I am open to trades and offers. Prices are listed shipped to the US.

(1) Turn N Shave Samurai inspired brush with 24mm untreated Tips fan knot. $90 shipped

(2) Turn N Shave hybrid lotus inspired brush with 26mm Tips fan knot. $100 shipped

(3) Turn N Shave Lotus inspired brush with 24mm Tips fan knot. $70 shipped

(4) Turn N Shave Lotus inspired brush with 24mm Tips fan knot. $80 shipped.

(5) Elite Razor Buckeye Burl handle with 24mm 2 band finest (not Manchurian) Elite Razor fan knot. $50 shipped

(6) Elite Razor Arizona Jade Tru-Stone brush with 24mm 2 band finest (not Manchurian) Elite Razor fan knot. $75 shipped

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Vintage Shaver
Seattle, WA
Very nice. I haven't tried any of the TnS brushes, but I can highly recommend the Elite ones. GLWTS.

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Excellent prices. Especially that Elite Buckeye Burl.

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PM sent on #6, the Elite Arizona Jade Tru-Stone.

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Sean, Upstate N.Y.
Price drops
Numbers 1 and 3 still available
Still here!

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