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Munich area, Germany
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my dad's gonna turn 70 in August, and I want to gift him a birth year razor. Does, by chance, any of you have a nice 1949 Gillette, you'd be willing to sell? I'd need to have it shipped directly to Razor Emporium if you could do that for me.

Please let me know!

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Awesome thought. Good luck with search.

I think you will be looking for a U date code. U is the same date code as 1974. 1949 U did not have any adjustables, they are all 1974s. Only TTOs and Techs in 1949. Hopefully this helps you in your quest.

Munich area, Germany
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Thanks James!

I was offered a pristine #22 Aristocrat (like this) by a fellow member here a while ago. He promised he'd get back to me before he sells it, but didn't. Shame.

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