Has anyone purchased one of these directly from Simpsons lately? It's one of the iconic brushes I would like to add my collection. I know that batches of hair can vary. I hope I can get some feedback on recent direct purchases. Mostly concerned with the level of knot softness, scritch, the amount of cut pokey hairs.

It's a pretty large purchase for me and I don't want to get stuck or have to sell at a loss.

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Received one as a gift. Absolutely outstanding brush in every dimension. However, this particular brush is a shedder of about 20 hairs/shave and is out for warranty. Will report on how simpson handles it. Would suggest you wait to learn how Simpson handles it before buying. Find it outrageous am on hook for $50 shipping to get a documented warranty claim honoured

Regarding hair qualities, after proper breakin, zero scritch, great backbone and lovely soft feel. Eats some lather but about perfect otherwise. The handle feels perfect to hand but doesn’t stop brush from falling into lather if left in bowl as Kent shape prevents. Just a great brush to use
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Just read your post.  I have a Duke 3 in Best Badger.  Out of warranty. Worked with Mark of Simpsons but got nowhere.  Best I could do was a 20% discount on buying direct from Simpsons.  Can do better on their brushes here in the U.S.  My brush sheds badly and is also lacks backbone.  Oh, it's soft all right but too floppy to be normal in my estimate.  I'm using it this way until I put a new knot in it.  Here's some pictures of the brush I own after I wet it and gently flick it once to remove excess water.  The other picture is what it looks like in semi-dry state. None of my other badger brushes do this. Maybe it normal for Simsons Best Badger - dunno. But I doesn't seem right to me.

[Image: x84j22W.jpg]

[Image: jNF2WQx.jpg]
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I have had quite a few of Simpsons' 3-Band brushes and I still have a Chubby 2 Super knot and that is normal for all 3-Band badger hair as the strands are quite fine. If you want to avoid this, then 2-Band hair would be a better way to go.

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in midst of negotiations with Simpsons and less than sanguine regarding outcome. Will follow up with details.
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(01-23-2019, 11:52 PM)DanLaw Wrote: in midst of negotiations with Simpsons and less than sanguine regarding outcome. Will follow up with details.

Any update on this?

I've held off on buying because of the tales of shedding and seeing that at least some are having difficulty getting a resolution. Like a wet blanket thrown on my dreams. I was hoping for a lot more positive responses.
I had a recent CH2 Super. It was a good brush. Then I bought a Shavemac D01 3 band knot and promptly sold the Simpson brush. The Shavemac is a much better 3 band knot, IMO. The Simpson knot was tied well. The Shavemac knot is impeccable.

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