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Well, as much as I like the feel on my skin, my wife cannot stand these scents so they gotta go.

All prices include CONUS shipping and all PayPal fees.

From left to right.

Unconditional Surrender - used 2x


Gratiot League Square


TSM Fougere - used Once


Please let me know if you’d like to bundle. I feel like prices are fair as is, but I may knock a buck or 2 off.

Also will trade for B&M alcohol splashes, other alcohol based splashes, EDT or soaps from Grooming Dept, Wholly Kaw or Declaration Grooming. I am more than willing to ship first for trades.

Happy Monday and thanks for looking!!!

[Image: 53fd7bc261f351d5e257ec705429c0c3.jpg]
Sending message.
... trust in the Lord with all your heart....
All sold and traded pending Payment.

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