A shave buddy just gifted me approx. 1/2 of a tub of this beautiful smelling shave soap. I had a few Chiseled Face samples in the past that included their Santa Paula citrus one. I have only used this new tub once and it gave great results, but I want to use it more before making a definitive decision.

How do those of you who have more experience with CF rate their soap for performance as compared to other soaps? It is really soft for sure. Undecided
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Love the scent. But my face reacts Sad.

If I remember correctly, they are good enough, but I would say CF falls short of the current top performers. Not that thirsty, so using too much water isn't advisable.

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I liked the scent at first, but quickly grew tired of it. I had a sample of the aftershave that I didn't even finish because it became too sickeningly sweet to me. It performed well and had great longevity from what I remember though. I have used other scents of CF soap and I would put it as a solid middle-of-the-road performer.

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My answer-I am on my 3rd jar of Ghost Town Barber and my 2nd bottle of GTB aftershave.

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I think Chiseled Face is a good performer, just outside of my top tier. Nothing wrong with it, just some others right now are a notch better. I still keep some GTB in my rotation because I like. the performance and scent.

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I love the aftershaves but the soap isn't up there with Barrister and Mann or Declaration.

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The aftershave is a good unique take on a barbershop scent

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