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Reviewed is the Diamond Edge DE-5000 shavette from Burmax: https://www.burmax.com/products.asp?cat1...&pid=10037

Burmax Diamond Edge DE-5000

[Image: IMG_7639.JPG]

[Image: IMG_7640.JPG]

The blade is loaded into a plastic sleeve and slipped into the razor. Removal is a little tricky since it is a tight fit and re-loading should also be done with some caution.

Once in, you have a small and lightweight razor, not even 13cm in length but with the grippy handle it feel sure in the hand. Blade length is 60mm and like all these kind of shavettes, it scythes through stubble without issue for three, four or even five full shaves, two passes with the grain giving a very clean and smooth finish.

If you are interested in shaving with one of these razors, check both eBay and Amazon since deals can be had - I got my razor with three packs of blades (which snap in half, so 60 blades in total) for literally peanuts from China.

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