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Thanks for the clarifications. I feel like I'm on the same page now, and I didn't realize that some companies/artisans use ounces weight vs fluid ounces.

Thanks for humoring me, as I know that this is a bit of a tangent. I hope to grab some Bufflehead when it becomes available again, as I really like the concept behind it.

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North York has arrived. The presentation is very nice. Came packaged in a sackcloth bag. The soap is in a tin like CRSW with a cork label. I do not have a sophisticated nose but I think it smells fantastic. I pick up mostly coffee and vanilla. Definitely a cold weather scent. I will lather it up tomorrow.

[Image: SfCVgky.jpg]
[Image: y7yXHQ4.jpg]
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New Jersey
Making us jealous, eh?
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(01-14-2017, 03:00 AM)iamsms Wrote: Making us jealous, eh?

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So I have used North York 3 times. I am very impressed.

Potassium Stearate, Water, Potassium Palm Kernelate, Glycerin, Potassium Tallowate (Duck), Fragrance, Blush Kaolin Clay

Gourmand; Heavy
Blood Orange
Roasted Coffee
Roasted Barley, Vanilla

The presentation is excellent. I believe the tins are the same as those used by CRSW select v1 and v2. They are sturdy with ample room for loading. There is a cork label on the cover which is a nice touch. The only criticism I have is that the ingredients and accord are not on the package.

I generally do not pay a lot of attention to ingredients. However, what stands out to me is the simple recipe, the presence of kaolin clay, and the absence of lanolin and other "butters".

The soap is extremely easy to load and produces volumes of thick, protective lather. It is a fairly thirsty soap; on par with B&M and T&S. This lather is perhaps the slickest I have ever used. Primary and secondary slickness is outstanding. The only other soap that is close, IMO, is Mike's. I do not think it is coincidence that they both contain kaolin clay. The cushion is also outstanding. The lather was thick and very stable without any dissipation for a 3 pass shave.

The post shave is average. I did not find the soap drying but I have average to oily skin. If you have dry skin and like lanolin and all the "butters" in your soap then this is not for you.

Scent is very YMMV. I personally enjoy this scent. I do not have a sophisticated nose. I would describe it as a sweet or candied coffee scent. It's definitely made for cold weather.

I was very impressed with this soap. I prioritize slickness and this surpasses everything I have tried. It is a top tier soap for me.
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