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I have three distinct items that I don't use as much as should. So I  might as well pass them on priced to go. All are in superb condition — forgive my inept photography. The prices include U.S. shipping. Paypal is fine; no trades, please. Thanks.

1. Sabre L1 plus little over 100 Personna PTFE blades — $140  $130  $125  $115  SOLD

2. RazorRock Hawk V2, used once, stand not included — $25 $20  SOLD

3. Simpson Persian Jar 3 in super badger, used fewer than a dozen times, a luxurious brush that is too big for me — $140.  $130  $125  WITHDRAWN

Note addition:

4. Colonial Razors General stainless steel. This is a sweet shaver, but it is a wee bit too heavy for my arthritic hands. Included is a cartridge of 29 Schick Proline blades — $75  SOLD

[Image: AknwxKc.jpg]
[Image: 0F3p44e.jpg]
[Image: lv6dATL.jpg]
[Image: kqoBXwP.jpg]
[Image: iI2Fwh7.jpg]
[Image: W4jnPFN.jpg]
[Image: tF7b84N.jpg]
I have added a new item to the list, priced to go.
This is the last call on these items. Final reduction on the Sabre L1 with blades.

All items are gone except for the Simpson Persian Jar 3 in super badger. It's now priced to go at $125.
The brush is withdrawn and the rest of the items are sold. Thanks.

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