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I am wondering if anyone has used the Brad Sears 2 band silver tip? If you have a description or comparison would be greatly appreciated. I have very sensitive skin ie I get brush burn if it is to scrubby. I prefer super soft and luxurious. Right now I only have synthetics and love them. I have tried Simpson best and Thater 3 band silver tip, the latter was good but I did not care for the Simpson best. Any help will be appreciated. Photos would be great too.

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28 Fan, Very soft gentle tips moderate backbone

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I haven’t used the silver tip, but his 2 band finest select grade is one of the top Chinese tied knots I’ve ever used.
Thank you guys. I found a very good deal in a BS gonzo 28mm fan and just couldn't resist. It is sitting in my mailbox waiting for me. I can't wait to use it I was told it has gel tips.
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Well I got this 2band select Friday and used it for Sunday's shave and I LOVE IT. It is so soft and luxurious. Has anyone bought a new brush from Brad Sears in the past month or so and if so is the current knots as soft and gel like the ones from last year? I am going to contact him directly and ask him also. 
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I have not used this one specifically but Sear’s brushes are great overall.
I have several of Brad's brushes. Love the two band, good backbone with very soft tips.

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