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Agree Agree Agree. I get plastic bottles of this stuff all the time. Makes no sense - my wife shows me how to use and I can't be bothered. Put some on a face cloth time after time - just don't get it at all. If anybody wants some Blue Dove stuff let me know. Might be good as bubble bacth maybe.

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Melfort, SK Canada
(01-21-2018, 06:18 PM)gregcss Wrote: I like loofah and cloth, the reason to I switched from wash to bar years ago was the ingredients.

Sorry - but I always say that loofah should be used on dishes only. Wink

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Running a bar of soap over my skin just doesn’t make me feel clean. Bar soap is kinda filmy after rinse. Bath Gel suds up like a mofo on a cloth, loofah or bath mitt.

I picked up some of these Bath Mitts by Urban Spa at Selfridges in London however, they are made in Canada and are readily available stateside. Put it on your hand, like a cloth bunch it up and get it sudsy.... and like a cloth, you wash. 

No need for a bath brush to get your back; like a cloth, it expands so you can do the one hand behind your lower back the other behind your neck acrobat thing to wash your back! This thing feels pretty amazing too. 

Besides....with bar soap, isn’t there a saying that goes; “Don’t drop the soap?” 


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Since shower gels are water-based, it's easier to get good moisturizers in them.....PERIOD.  If you have exceptionally dry and sensitive skin when it's cold, but oilier skin when it's hot, you might want to use shower gel during the winter months and bar soap during summer.

BACKPEDALING on my bar versus bodywash because of a product created by one of our (DFS) well respected members (Frank Lipani) that changed my mind.  

Back in October-ish I received a nice parcel of ETHOS/OLEO “Dragonsbeard” products. Inside the kit was Frank’s Legendary shaving soap, splash and a very healthy amber coloured bath bar.  You could smell the fragrance of the bar through the closed packaging. I knew right there I would be soaping up with the bar later in the shower.....

So here’s the apology to bar soaps; Although I prefer the convenience of a gel, bath bars have come a long way.  They are still very messy however I remedied that with a **Soap Standle** (Frank if you’re reading this I sent you one to your NY address). Bath bars still fall out of your hands, lol, and FOR ME, I never know what to do with them.  Do I soap up my washcloth or bath mitt? Do I just run the bar along my skin? IDK, are you really clean doing that? To each their own in this area. I still use bodywash on a cloth but I also run the Dragonsbeard bar soap over my skin to get that scent on my skin.  Overkill, meh.  Bar soap, I gave you a bad rap however Artisanal Soapmakers have made me see the light, some bar soaps are exceptional and I will make the purchase to try new things.

The Dragonsbeard bar of soap is SUPER fragranced and moisturizing.  It’s Oud, Vanilla and Spicy Clove scent STAYS with you well after your bath/shower.  To date, FOR ME the best scents in shaving are Dragonsbeard, Grooming Dept Angel and AoS Sandalwood That’s Gospel. Not only does Frank's soap have the best fragrance ever, BUT the moisturizing properties of the bar are pretty awesome too. You’ll have to reach out to Frank if you want to know his secret sauce recipe for doing goods things for your skin. When I shower before I go to bed I rarely body lotion up before jumping under the sheets. Face lotion and done.  My skin doesn’t feel dry after Frank’s bar and I don’t have that filmy feeling either.  Cheers

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I like the good old bar soap and scrub brush - Kent makes a a great brush.  Bath Bat or Shower Bat - one having a longer handle.  They have the right amount of scrub.  If you really want to scrub your hide try the Tek Natural Ash Wood Brush with Tampico bristles - that one is stiff enough to draw blood if that's what you're looking for.  Trust me, I know.


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(01-27-2020, 03:34 PM)BPman Wrote: https://www.self.com/story/loofah-bacteria
Microwave it like a sponge you use for dishes...
Can't do the gel thing. I feel all slimy when I get out of the shower. I have tried a dozen times and just can't make the switch. Give my washcloth and bar of dial and I"m happy man.
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