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Awaiting the slings and arrows....

But have to state had one of the best shaves ever using a One Blade V1 and Gems despined and punched. Please indulge lucubration:

The blade feels poorly crafted to the touch when compared to the Feather but one needs recall it was never intended to be despined so that may partially account for the impression. Also, the Gem doesn't provide the resounding snap into place accompanying the Feather design blade, rather requiring a solid pull on the distal end to assure it is well and truly locked in.

Shaving with the combination is, if it is humanly possible, even more remote regarding feedback and completely totally unsatisfying than with the Feather - which hitherto thought was the standard of wet shaving dissatisfaction. Literally, if one is a hobbyist thoroughly enjoying wet shaving, the experience will be even worse than a multiblade cartridge razor. Frankly, have never experienced such an unfulfilling, unsatisfying and boring shave EVER. The combination of the OB Genesis V1 and Gem will have the shaver checking if a blade has even been loaded - more than once - in fact after EVERY stroke, sometimes mid stroke and questioning in between too. The first reaction is to swear no hair reduction is occurring and curse the combination as a complete and utter waste of time. However, for the sake of comparison, and secretly plotting to draft a terrible review so devastating that never again would a reasonable person suggest this blade, continued selfsatisfied that there was gold (in the form of vengeance) at the end of this rainbow. To be fair did 4 passes, two north to south ala OneBlade instructions, one lateral to medial and a final pass south to north ala OneBlade instructions. Evil thoughts raced as lathered face to allow recovery whilst cleaning equipment.

The Gem blade felt no more satisfying during removal and only added to the scathing comments being formulated during cleaning. Followed the normal litany of postshave cleansing, toning and moisturizing which is required and de rigueur due to terribly sensitive skin and was taken aback by the results.

Not only had there been virtually ZERO irritation from the shave (literally unprecedented in a lifetime of shaving spanning straight wet shaving to cartridges to electric and back to wet shaving) BUT the BBS was nearly as good as a straight, certainly at least 95%.

Surely, ONE shave does NOT equate to a scientific assessment of this combination BUT as nothing else had changed in this routine, save the GEM, one has to conclude it is quite possible this may be an optimal solution to those with extraordinarily sensitive skin seeking daily BBS and willing to undertake 4 passes.

The jury is out and will provide further feedback; however, wanted to report as promised when soliciting the blades for this experiment from Lenaud011.

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Congratulations on the success with this razor.
Personally, I found it a bit too mild, but if you are enjoying it, then excellent and I hope you continue to do so.

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Love, Laughter & Shaving  Heart

Peachtree City, GA
Prefer BBS1 for satisfaction (or a straight for that matter). But the OneBlade Genesis V1/Gem combination takes a brainless and efficient shave to an entirely different plateau v using the Feather blade.

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Nashville, TN
I totally agree with DanLaw. A Genesis V1 with Gems is hard to beat.

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I didn't find your review surprising. In fact it matches my experience. I find my Genesis V2 with a modified Gem to be as efficient as my Cobra Classic with a Feather Pro. The shaves with the Genesis are automatic and drama free requiring little to no skill. For me this makes the Genesis a great work morning razor. I'll save my other razors for weekends.

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