I need some info on the Omega 10108 pro boar brush.I have used the Omega 10098 for 10 years and I want to get a new one, but I want a slightly lower loft. Id like to have a 60mm loft. I looked up the 10108 brush and some websites say its a 60mm and some say its a 64mm. Does this brush have a shorter loft than the 10098?
I think that one is 60mm, and the handle height is 64 or 65mm.
Do you mostly bowl lather? I ask because if you face lather you might look at something with an even shorter loft, like maybe one of the Semogue options.
the Omega Proraso 83 brush is shorter and loft and should fit the bill perfectly 62 mm loft

Idaho Falls, Idaho
I love big boars and don't mind at all high lofts. Learned a trick watching a vid with an old Italian barber where he would pinch the knot bristles above the handle effectively lowering the loft. Used that trick many times since.
Get yourself a Semogue SOC boar brush. It is by far the best boar brush I have ever used. It has a 57mm loft/24mm knot if I’m not mistaken and it’s beautifully balanced all around.

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