This morning, I did something I haven't done in about two years. After my five-mile run and a hot shower, instead of working up a lather from one of my traditional soaps - TOBS, DR Harris, Captain's Choice, Arko - I committed blasphemy.

I used what some here derisively refer to as canned goo: Barbisol original. And you know what? My shave was every bit as good as it would've been had I used one of the aforementioned soaps. The Barbisol, my German 37, a new Kai blade and my usual three passes yielded a shave that's as good as it gets - smooth, comfortable, bloodless and irritation-free.

I've never cared for the gels, but Barbisol has always worked just fine for me. And it's been around for at least as long as I've been shaving (50 years), so I kind of think that qualifies it as traditional, canned goo or not.

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Don't feel ashamed. I think many of us do the same thing for quick shaves and just switching things up a little.
I personally like a barbisol shave with barbisol AS. Then I also use the gillette foamy with the Gillette AS. Not bad at all.

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I see nothing wrong at all with you using a product that works well and that you like. I haven't used it since I started wet shaving, though I keep canned Nuvia in case I'm in a hurry. I would expect a pretty good shave with it.

I have come to believe that reputation, marketing sizzle and cost often have a greater impact than actual performance for shaving soaps and creams in how they are viewed by many in the wet shaving community.

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What a grown man does to himself behind closed bathroom doors is none of my business.

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I must agree whole heartedly with KAV! Wink

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FWIW, the door was open. But you're right; it's none of your business.

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"What's good for me ain't necessarily good for the weak-minded." - Augustus McRae
Presses novelty red button from office supply chain store activating voice ' THAT WAS EASY'

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I keep a can of Barbasol on hand for those mornings when I need a quick shave. Nothing wrong with it.

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John, I will use canned foam or gel (more likely gel) and a Fusion when traveling or in a hurry.  I agree with you that the shave I get from that combination can be close but I always look forward to getting back to the traditional soap/cream, brush, and DE/SE.  For some reason, I find the traditional shave way more satisfying.  Also, I find that more often than not, assuming an initial BBS shave from both types of methods, the BBS aspect lasts considerably longer with the "old-fashioned" way.  I'm not sure why but I know it's not all in my head.

As I said, all of this does not mean that a quick shave does not have a place for me.  In fact, I have a couple of cartridge razors coming from Japan, just to see if I cannot up the game a bit, especially when traveling.  Here are the two I am waiting for: https://damnfineshave.com/thread-what-do...#pid135424.

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When I switched to Traditional about 5 years ago I bought a tub of Prorasso Green because it looked so nice and it was inexpensive. After my first shave with it I swore "no more aerosols." I still use that great stuff but I admit to having a modest collection of S,C & C's that are used in rotation - with a few side trips.
But I have kept that promise to me.
There are so many excellent soaps, croaps and creams to try that I don't want to waste my shaving time on something I never did care for.

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