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In the various areas of wet shaving hardware, despite technological and design advances, there seem to be particular vintage pieces that represent the pinnacle of quality in the history of traditional equipment. For example, among badger brushes, there are the 1960s-70s Plissons, some of the Somerset Simpsons, and the Rooney Finests. In soaps, I think of the 1980-2010 tallow soaps such as Penhaligon's and Floris. And with double edge blades, one would have to consider the Wilkinson Light Brigades and Personna 74s. I'm sure all of you can name other standouts in these groups beyond my few examples. But what about double edge razors? Are there are any vintage ones that would be recognized by consensus as worthy of being called possibly the best of the best - ones that can hold their own, in beauty of design/appearance and in performance, with the top modern razors?

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I can't speak to particular models from certain years, though at a higher level:

The Gillette Tech - I think they hold up against any modern razor of mild aggressiveness.
The Gillette Red Tip
The Gillette Blue Tip
The Schick Krona

You asked specifically for double-edged, though I find those old GEM and Star single edge razors to be on the awesome side of awesome. I love those GEM blades. They do really well for my face.

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Gillette New Short Comb - I have one of these. This razor really clamps the blade down and supports the blade almost out to the edge.

Gillette New Long Comb from No. 44 set - I have the set. This is the famous Raised Flat Bottom(RFB) made in England. Very smooth and efficient.

Gillette Super Speed Red Tip(A4) - Another favorite of mine. Made 4th quarter of 1954 in U.S.A.. Easy to use, for me, especially with a sharper blade.

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And in brushes don't forget the brands like Peerless and MadeRite and EverReady and Rubberset and Simms and Opal and Strongset and Erskine and Baton and Plymouth from the 1950s and earlier.

In Gillette DE razors the Aristocrat family (Sheraton, Aristocrat, President, English numbered ones) should be fairly high on the list and include both fixed and adjustable versions. In the 3 Piece fixed I think the New and Tech models are pretty hard to beat and stand up well over time.

One DE that really surprised me was the Durham Duplex. It looks like it would be too wide to use and is made of pretty cheap stamped steel but it really works far better than I imagined.

In SE razors many of the GEMs, the earlier AutoStrops and even the Rolls are great when the goal is a fast, comfortable close shave.

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To be vintage it must be older than me!
The last razor I bought was the next to last razor I will ever buy!

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I have used about ~25 vintage safety razors over last ~3 years. Most of them are fairly common in the market - so I can't speak for the rare ones. I have sold all of them except 3:

1. Gillette Aristocrat 48-50
2. Gillette Fatboy
3. British Gillette New Round Pin

Others that I have sold would be (all kinds of Techs, Red Tip, Blue Tip, Flair Tip, New, Old Type, Slim, Super Adjustable, Diplomat etc). While I like the 3 I have, I would say all my modern razors are better for me than these - either the Stainless Steel ones or the Zamak ones. I think the hobbyist community demands certain kind of perfection that isn't required for regular users.

SE razors: I have sold most vintage GEM style razors except my beloved 1912 Gem Junior (i think it is made of brass). But here too, I prefer my Modern Sabre over any vintage I tried. I never thought a better GEM style razor can be made, but I was proven wrong by the Sabre.

I would say the popularity of Vintage razors has a lot to do with Nostalgia or sense of history - which isn't a bad thing. Just isn't a rational thing. I too would, I suppose, love to use those razors more if I were from that era or I had gears from my father/grand father.

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British Gillettes.

I've got a Gillette Rocket HD and a Gillette Aristocrat #16 that I would never part with. Top notch build quality and consistently excellent shaves.

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I have had 14 vintage Gillette DE razors and kept 11. My NEW Short Comb leads the pack for me.

[Image: 36551829481_56d67580ae_b.jpg]
[Image: 36551832831_d82684bf6e_b.jpg]

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(11-28-2017, 04:39 PM)Hondo Wrote: I have had 14 vintage Gillette DE razors and kept 11. My NEW Short Comb leads the pack for me.

[Image: 36551829481_56d67580ae_b.jpg]

Your razors (in SOTD) are always a pleasure to look at!

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(11-28-2017, 04:39 PM)Hondo Wrote: I have had 14 vintage Gillette DE razors and kept 11. My NEW Short Comb leads the pack for me.

[Image: 36551829481_56d67580ae_b.jpg]
[Image: 36551832831_d82684bf6e_b.jpg]

I would definitely concur with that but would also add the long comb variant.  They feel ever so slightly different but both are outstanding.

I would also add the STAR DE razor.  Probably meant to compete with the Gillette Tech, a razor I have never really cared for, the STAR has never given me a bad shave.  Sadly, this classic stands in the shadow of the Tech.

[Image: xJt0zoL.jpg]

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Gillette No 77
Gillette Old Type (thin cap & thick cap)
Gillette Tech w/Triangle slots

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