Peachtree City, GA

After having a night to think things over, and having seen the outpouring of enthusiasm for the BBS-1 around the wetshaving internet, James has agreed to continue producing the BBS-1.

It was never our intention to disappoint our customers and prospective customers, James just wanted some time to do some R&D on future product, to put the machining skills and wetshaving razor knowledge he has gained over the past few years to use on new and even better designs.

I wanted him to do that, but I also explained to him that the ongoing demand for the BBS-1 still existed, and encouraged him to keep it in production. I was initially unsuccessful, but you have convinced him, so he will continue production on a part-time basis going forward, in a manner that will allow BBS-1 production to continue, while also allowing for new product to come to market at some point down the line.

I don't have more details than that at the moment, I just didn't want anyone to spend all of their Holiday funds trying to buy one on the aftermarket, as we will have them available in limited quantities in the future.

Have a wonderful holiday, and I look forward to bringing you fresh product in 2018!

John Brown

Philadelphia, PA
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