Just tried my new BBS-1. I won't give a complete review (others have done a better job) other than to say it's as good as advertised in my opinion. If I didn't like it I was going to sell it, now I'm going to keep it. The OneBlade gives me easier shaves, but the problem I have with it is it gets clogged up quite easily.

Sorry for a rather useless post, I just needed to say something somewhere where I would be understood....

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How did you luck into a bbs-1?

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I was lucky enough to get on the list about a year and a half ago. It was just a matter of being patient.

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I have bbs, oneblade and timeless among others. Think oneblade best shaver but so easy brainless (no fun). Bbs is without doubt best made and also great shaver with a polsilver. Timeless is as good as oneblade but fun to use because rewards and punishes technique without biting. Funny thing is when in hurry or can’t afford mistakes, grab the oneblade all the while hating self

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