Hey, Gents, how long does it take for a badger brush not to shed anymore? How many uses?

In my experience it should only shed a couple hairs the first few shaves but shouldn’t do so after that.

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Some brushes never shed and some seem never to stop.

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It depends on how dense the knot is. One of my brushes is a Simpsons Chubby 2. Out of all of my brushes this is the most dense. It actually shed hair for many months. Then, it stopped and never shed again. I think I have about 19 or 20 brushes except for two all 2 band badger. None of the other brushes have ever shed. However, the Chubby only shed a hair or two each time I used it. If you think the shading is it excessive contact the manufacture.

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My Chubby shed from day one thru 10+months about 20 hairs every shave.  Properly broken in, cleaned and hung. Finally sent it back to UK at great expense and hassle Been 2 months resolving
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