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Hello again guys,

As promised when I did my ATT R1 Windsor First SHave Assessment, I will now write my full review of this razor. It has been a month now and I have solely shaved with the R1 Windsor, so probably around 20 shaves or so.

[Image: C4CYhN7l.jpg]
Let's start this:

Looks: After being used to all ATTs, this is even better looking with its incredible polished look. I definitely prefer the polished look and wished all my ATTs had this finish. The only minor problem is that this razor seems to get the "blade stains" way more frequent than the Regular ATTs (non-Polished). So, I recommend cleaning the razor after every shave and taking the blade apart after every shave.

The Shave:
If I had to quantify the aggressiveness of this razor, I would put rank this as a 5.5/10. In comparison, I would place the Regular R1 on 6.5/10. Let me explain. The regular R1 has some bite to it, it will make sure you will feel the blade at all times and you will pay the cost if you are not using proper shave technique , which can be described as "roughness" by many who have tried it. Personally, I like that and grew used to it after a while.

The ATT R1 Windsor does provide a much much smoother shave than the original R1. This includes the fact that there is basically no blade feel during the shave, it gives a much larger margin of error to the users (friendlier to the user), almost no blade chatter (similar to a Single Edge Razor), fewer nicks and irritation, at a cost of BBS duration. For example, with BBS shave in Monday morning with the regular R1, I can skip the next day's shave and shave again on Wednesday morning, and I will be fine. With the R1 Windsor, I would have to have shaven during Monday afternoon or later, to be able to withstand until Wednesday morning, without another shave.

So your choosing can be strongly determined by your shave pattern preferences. If you are a daily shaver, this is a no-brainer, the ATT R1 Windsor will be your preferred razor, by far. Nonetheless, if you prefer skipping a day between shaves, then you will do much better with the regular R1.

For that same reason, I have decided to keep both, since depending on the week and schedule, I could shave daily or skip a day. I also believe an ATT R2 Windsor would be an excellent idea and can't wait for Stan to bring this to the market at some point (hopefully).

This is a true gem of a razor and I believe ATT responded very well to some of the critics of the regular R1, which found it too harsh for their tastes. It's now my favorite razor, as its so easy to use, I don't even have to overthink anything while using this. If you are a daily or every 36-hours shaver, this should be on your radar for sure.
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Nice review. I find the original r1 to be a smooth razor, so this one must be really smooth. I like blade feel though, so I'm not sure if I would like this one. I still might have to try it if an OC version with a shorter handle comes out.
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