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So sorry it took so long to do my first shave report on the N7, I wanted at least 2 day’s growth before using it. So I decided to started with the 7.1 plate and used a twice used Gillette Platinum blade. Lathered up and decided to do a 2 pass shave going both WTG and ATG as I wanted to see if the razor had any blade chatter which it did not on this shave. There’s a little bit of blade feel but it wasn’t a lot. As a comparison I’d say less than a SS Blackbird but more than a Paradigm Diamondback. As I mentioned before the razor seems a bit handle heavy and it’s not at the very bottom of the handle as most handle heavy razors I’ve shaved with have exhibited but more so a little above the halfway mark on the handle. It wasn’t a problem while shaving at all. I’m just expressing what I’m feeling I got in hand from the razor. This throws the balance off a bit but again nothing dramatic and it’s just an adjustment on my part to get it where I like it. 
On this particular shave I did a decent amount of skin stretching and I used a little higher angle on my cheeks and my neck but rode closer to the SB on my more sensitive areas around my mouth and lips. I was a little worried about the razor blade as I normally only do 2 shaves with a blade so for me I was pushing the Gillette but it preformed very well so this new to me blade has impressed me enough that I ordered a decent amount of them as I’ll put them into my blade stash and rotation. 

First pass went well and the razor took down my 2+ days growth with no problem on the WTG pass. Rinsed and felt my face and I was pleased with how much of the growth was gone. On the ATG pass I continued to skin stretch just a bit. I wasn’t real aggressive with it on this shave and I heard no chatter and there was no drag from this razor as well. After finishing the pass I decided I wasn’t going to do any buffing and see how the shave went. I ended up with areas on my cheeks that were what I call entry level BBS and the rest of my face and neck were a solid DFS. Overall I was pleased with the shave I got. No irritation at all. 

So I’m looking forward to using the 2 more efficient baseplates and see what changes with the shave. I’m going to wait until I have 2+ days growth again so I can compare Apples to Apples. 

Oh and if anyone is wondering all I have in my den right now is my own soap. So until I replenish a couple of my favorites I lost in the fire that’s all I’ve got so not trying to promote here as most of the time when I do a review I use other soaps or creams. Oh and that brush in the photo was sent to me by one of the members and if you see this post Chris, thank you! 

Have a great one guys. 

[Image: SSeBuOE.jpeg]

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