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New Mexico USA
End up with too many razors this is for sale now, great razor nice small amount of patina at the base plate I’m also including the stand.
Too mild for my taste.
Razor is in great condition retails at $170.00 with the stand at Timeless website.
Asking $110 shipped priority 2-3 days USPS
Conus only thank you for looking
[Image: 52341a6666af7aa61391f2033d7e703f.jpg][Image: c1e9aea906bb4ff7d1891dfc642d70fd.jpg][Image: 838438ac247e2ca6724ca377141ebe03.jpg][Image: 4d85083c646c15439b1f409511f43a7b.jpg][Image: 9726b4f465bbfed1a796a2cb8b462b11.jpg][Image: 687b970d01856137e8dff821c005b2ab.jpg][Image: 8ebab21bb62342d04a0b97313f009aca.jpg][Image: fe3cc7d280abfc0d17e5436887ba1bcd.jpg]

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Do you have the box it comes in?

New Mexico USA
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SOLD thanks DFS

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