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New Mexico USA
Gentlemen’s I have this gem for sale
A kanayama 7000 beautiful strop the best I owned, super smooth feels like ice skating when stropping (lightning sound)
Dimensions 2.7x 23.6 “
I bought it few months back and I used it twice.
You can check it out at Fendrihan website for more information.
Again I’m collecting money for my wood machinery so this one must go it’s in perfect condition retail price $310.00
I’m letting it go for $250.0 shipped
Conus only.
Let me know if you have questions thank you for looking
[Image: 4087056a248b424338fa13709608ed07.jpg][Image: 74bf59868042162518938969672186b4.jpg][Image: 0b0b15f5cfa0ff7c05fc4816b88ae653.jpg][Image: f14dd7db59a64c50bcff00ee1f2ebcd8.jpg][Image: 09163132d535a8380bf58bce28988895.jpg][Image: c5a789668fdb31de566ffa241c208445.png][Image: 444d9d8d76a24606e3efc9b10a8d0141.png]

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New Mexico USA
Close this please I merged this thread with other sale thank you DFS

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