I have looked at many horse hair brushes but not found one I like until I stumbled across this baume be black horse hair which I don’t think looks too bad, if anybody has any experience with this brush please feel to chime in

Nashville, TN
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I really like horse hair brushes and have several.  Vie-Long has many horse hair brushes that are high quality.

I have the ones below. Notice that the last one of mine and the baum.be brush look exactly the same other than color.  My best guess is that they are the same and Baum.be had the model made with his logo and colors.

The one that looks like the baum.be is the only horse hair brush that I don't like.  The loft is too high, causing the sensation of a paint brush rather than a shaving brush.   The first brush below, which is about $20, is a travel sized brush.  I would recommend one like the second or third ones below.

Here is a link where you can buy one whose handle is the shape you like and the loft matches the height of the ones I like:


[Image: Vie-Long-Horse-Hair-Shaving-Brush-Cream-Handle.jpg]

[Image: horse_horn__67745_464db1bd-ecda-49e8-869...1458181630]

[Image: VL_15310_large.jpg?v=1460868605]

[Image: sb-vlg-12750.jpg?bw=1000&bh=1000]

[Image: blok_paardenhaar-borstel-e1495880941555.jpg]

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