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I used to test lather stuff every day for a few years, but I very suddenly stopped at some point in 2016.

Of course I always test lather new soaps.

And I defunk brushes with like 20 lathers (whatever it takes) before I use them. I absolutely hate the funk, it makes me sick, and I have very sensitive sense of smell (not always a good thing to have).
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I will occasionally play with my soaps, particularly new ones. I'll grab 7-10 brushes and just test lather a soap to see what brush works the best, or I'll grab 4-5 soaps and a brush and practice lather. I do it for the smells as well as learning more about my brushes and soaps.
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All my soaps are made here at home by my wife, each is a new batch and testing is a natural part of the process. I couldn’t grow whiskers fast enough to keep up with her.
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