Hello friends,

today I used for first time Tweex shave stick. It is similar like Arko, with somehow strongest and industrial smell.
I have psoriasis, and realized, that my skin got red and itchy when I applied the lather. Same thing when I other tallow based soaps, but not sure from all or particular ones.
Is possible to have allergic reaction? My skin get better after few hours, but still there is some redness

I read lanolool and parfum can be a issue Huh

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Tweex, Arko, and Derby shave soaps are a yeoman shave soaps that are quite harsh, even for people without sensitive skin. I would suggest setting those Turkish twins aside and go with a mild unscented shave soaps and experiment up from there.
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These are questions best asked of a degreed dermatologist in their office and not laymen with all due respect Wink

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