Hello. What age is this forum? What was the year it started?
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We used to use pigeons to send messages/communicate/swap gear.

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Very funny.

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Alex7, I should know this, but I’ll tag andrewjs18 so that you get an accurate answer. Smile
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I am guessing June-July 2015 based on the oldest post I saw plus "when joined" dates.

I do recall an article on the history of shaving forums.

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I joined in September 2015, and remember that the site was a few months old at that time. Andrewjs18's profile says he joined in 04-13-2015. He was presumably was the first member, so that is probably about the time the site went live.

Here is a post from that time:


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we started building the site in May of 2015 but didn't tell the public about it until I think June.

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