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Just when I thought my RAD was cured, I ordered the open comb M2 and R2 baseplates. They're superb. What surprised me is how the R2 feels smoother than the M2! 

As always, the transaction was a delight. ATT sent me emails confirming receipt of the orders, confirming shipping, and confirming delivery. I've exchanged email with Stan a few times over the years and he was always extremely helpful. 

And, for my face, nothing shaves better than my ATTs. (The Wolfman I was fortunate enough to snag is as good but not better.) 

It's a wonderful company run by a great guy in the great state of Tennessee. Now where's my Dickel? 

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The ATTs are definitely underrated. I have the m2, r2, and h2 plates wit the atlas handle. The h2 is too much for me, but I do enjoy the m and r. I have too many razors now, so I don’t use them as much as I used to. I had it ready to use this week, but I bought a charcoal goods OC, so I’m using that instead.

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Stan retired back in March and the business is now run by his son-in-law and business partner Matt. I will agree though that the continuity in service and quality of products are still excellent.

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ATT will always have an important spot in my shaving world. It was maybe five years ago I bought an R2 razor, my first "high-end" razor. As I was relatively new to the "sport," I exchanged it for full set of open combs--M2, R2 and H2. I quickly learned H2 was my speed, and swapped out or sold the other two. The H2 remains one of my favorites, and I use it frequently. I hope Stan is enjoying his retirement--as a true pioneer, his legacy will always remain front and center, in my book.

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I will never part with my S1 Kronos. Smile

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