Ohio USA
Satinwood "Chalice" look shaving brush shown with Timberwolf 28mm knot (not included). Height 2 ⅝", Diameter 1 ½", drill depth 5/8" drilled with 29mm bit for variance. 
Peruvian Mahogany "Linear" look shaving brush shown with Maggards 24mm 2 band Badger (not included) Height 2 ½", Diameter Ribs 1.70", Base 1 ½", drill depth ⅝" drilled with 27mm bit for variance. (Note) Pictire with medallion on Peruvian is grain and not bad finish. 
More pictures and information to purchase seen here on my NEW Shopify Site: https://knothead-brush-works.myshopify.com/
[Image: CFy8Qpu.jpg?1][Image: zgYsnsd.jpg?1]
[Image: 8e2Pf1z.jpg?1][Image: IeDSTcj.jpg?1]

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